At the Boght & Oakwood Veterinary Clinics we have assembled a management team to assist in the running of two busy practices.  The team works together and deals with issues relating to clients and their pets and supports clinic staff members in various ways.

Sarah is the Practice Manager.  Her main goal is to support the other members of the management team in their respective duties; offering them advice, helping to develop and implement procedures, and acting as a sounding board for different ideas.  She is always available to answer questions and assist with issues that arise for clients, patients, or clinic staff members. She assists Dr. David Wagoner with business correspondence, contributes to the clinics’ websites and manages the accounts receivable for the two offices.  She works closely with the Business Manager to make sure everything behind the scenes is running smoothly.

Casey is our Business Manager.  She is responsible for the business aspects of running two busy offices.  This includes maintaining professional and business insurance, ensuring state and federal licensing for our doctors, processing office payroll and administering employee benefit programs.  She works with the rest of the management team to keep our day to day operations running smoothly. She is working hard to implement new practice management software and develop programs through reporting to increase efficiency and communication between our doctors and their clients, and between doctors, staff, and management.

Lynn is our office manager.  In the clinics on a daily basis, she can assist whenever and wherever needed. She began her career with us as a veterinary assistant, and she is able to cover any position in the hospital.  One of her main responsibilities is maintaining the hospitals’ inventory of drugs and supplies. She keeps the doctors and staff apprised of medication shortages and new equipment offerings and makes sure we have everything we need to treat our patients effectively.  She maintains the hospitals’ in-house laboratory testing equipment, following the daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning protocols. She works with the other managers on day to day operations.

Charles is our Human Resource Manager.  In his position he supervises up to 40 support staff.  He is involved in all aspects of the hiring process including job postings, interviewing candidates, creating training schedules, and working in the offices to make sure our onboarding process is going smoothly for each new employee.  He completes annual performance reviews with each employee, working with the staff to optimize their job skills. Charles is a good listener. As can be expected with such a large staff, there are times when he must mediate disputes, soothe ruffled feathers or simply be a sounding board when an employee needs to vent.

Ben is the Assistant Human Resource Manager and the newest member of our management team.  He works closely with Charles to manage our support staff. He is learning the ins and outs of scheduling to make sure we have optimal staffing; planning coverage for vacations, when staff members need personal time, or if they are out sick.  With two locations, this can sometimes be tricky! He is working to develop our hospital’s health and safety protocols. This includes implementing and maintaining OSHA standards and procedures, developing hazard assessment plans and making sure our staff is trained and following these procedures.

Michelle is our Digital Communications Manager.  She manages all of our online marketing on Facebook and the clinics’ websites.  This position was created to increase our online presence and to engage more with our clients.  Michelle has done a great job with regular posts on the Facebook pages, informational posts to our blog page, and is working to update our websites with new layouts, updated photos, and revised content.  She works with our staff in the clinics, encouraging them to come up with ideas for posts and blog articles, interviews those she wants to feature, and works with the doctors on informational videos to post online.



Our Team Management Team