The Boght Veterinary Clinic houses a 2500 square foot boarding kennel for those clients who need to board their pets. Ten kennel workers, working full and part time, take pride in caring for the animals that stay with us. They are quick to alert the doctors of any problems or concerns and treat any animal under their care as they would their own.

Canine Boarding
The dog boarding kennel features a collection of small, medium and large cages along with indoor runs to house dogs of all shapes and sizes. One or more of the kennel staff is on duty at all times when the clinic is open to ensure quality care of our guests. Reservations are required for the boarding kennel to avoid overcrowding. Please call in advance to ensure we will have room to house your pet.

Cat Condos
This is your cat’s home away from home! With the ability to change the size of the cages in the cat boarding area we are able to accommodate the most active feline guests. One cage can expand to two or even four cages. With pass-through openings to move up and down we can keep most active cats occupied and multiple cats from the same family can be housed together.



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