East Meets West

East Meets West

The Boght Veterinary Clinic is adding Acupuncture treatment to our other companion animal services.  Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese medicine.  It involves the insertion of thin, sterile needles into discrete and specific points on the body in order to cause a therapeutic effect.  These points in the body are called acupoints and the ancient Chinese identified 173 acupoints in animals.  Based on modern research and her training from The Chi Institute, Dr. Nichole Ford will be offering this new service to our patients with a range of conditions.


So how does acupuncture work in our pets?  A great number of studies indicate that the stimulation of acupoints induces the release of beta-endorphins, serotonin and other neurotransmitters which can lead to a reduction in pain and inflammation, promote tissue healing, supports a pet’s immune system and reduce fever.  Older dogs living with arthritis, patients with orthopedic injuries, neurological conditions, epilepsy or vestibular disease may benefit from acupuncture treatments as well.


Acupuncture is a very safe practice with few side effects.  The treatments are rarely painful because the acupoints are stimulated using very fine needles.  Most animals are very comfortable with acupuncture therapy due to the relaxation effect.  Some patients even fall asleep during their treatments.


Acupuncture treatment sessions can last 20-45 minutes with a varying number treatments needed based on the condition being treated.  Some treatments are daily but others may be weekly or monthly.  Results might be seen immediately but some of our patients require several sessions.  There are also a number of herbal formulations available that Dr. Ford can use to supplement the acupuncture treatments and support the targeted acupoints.


Please call our office or speak to our doctors about acupuncture treatments and benefits.  We are excited about the results we are seeing and the health benefits it offers to our patients.

Small but Mighty!

Small but Mighty!

IMG_1293Nancy began her career at the Boght Veterinary Clinic in January of 2013.  Working as a part time receptionist, she was dedicated to serving our clients and caring for their pets.  Because of her commitment to our practice and her eagerness to serve our clients, she was promoted to a full time position in October of 2014.  In this capacity she is one of the first employees you will se if you come to the hospital for an appointment, to drop your pets off for a stay in our boarding facility, or if they are scheduled for a surgical procedure.  If you call the office to schedule an appointment, book a boarding reservation or just to ask a question, Nancy is on the line to help you with whatever you need.

She is one of our most experienced front office workers and always leads by example.  Quite often we can count on Nancy to work closely with our newly trained receptionists.  This involves training them on proper hospital procedures, showing them how to navigate the computer system and helping them acclimate themselves to our busy practice.

Nancy gets along with everyone, she works hard, is an excellent communicator, and is easy to work with.  She is reliable and comes to work with a positive attitude.  She recently attended a kennel staff meeting with suggestions on how to improve procedures in the boarding facility.  And she sure can clean! Never has our hospital been so spotless.  Whenever she has free time she has a rag in her hand or a broom ready.  Her hard work is appreciated by the doctors and staff, and our clients can always benefit from her knowledge and care.


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