Hi, my name is Frankie, and today is a special day.  Today I get to go to work with my vet! Granted, I’m a “vet pet” everyday, but today it’s official!  We’re going to have so much fun… once we get there! Why do we live so far away? Are we there yet? I here the turn signal…. he’s slowing down….. We’re here! We’re here!

Good morning everyone! Move move move so I can hop up and claim my counter spot.  I know for sure there are other vet pets coming today (they’re my cousins) and I want to have a front row seat. In the morning all the other dogs (I love dogs!) and cats (not so much) and maybe rabbits (silly rabbits) scheduled for something called surgery come in and stay for the day. I’m not sure what exactly happens in that room, but all the dogs and cats and maybe rabbits sleep through it so it must just be nap time. We see all kinds of pets for appointments too. Some are happy, some are sad, some are angry or upset.  But not me! I love coming to work with my vet! What? No! I do not need a shot! My nails are fine. I think it’s time for my nap!

After lunchtime (for my vet but not for me…. too bad) the fun begins again!  Maybe we will have a Great Dane that barks his head off (chill out!) or a Siamese cat that hisses and snarls (if it’s got claws I’m outta here).  My vet is always busy busy busy, so I only see him as he goes in and out and only if I’m not napping. Until the Great Dane starts barking AGAIN. Here comes a Labrador with a sore foot and an unhappy barn cat that needs his Rabies shot.  I tried telling him that complaining won’t make a difference. He’s getting the needle for his own good.

As the day winds down, there are fewer pets and fewer people in the back room.  Everyone is cleaning and getting patients settled that are staying overnight. They all get clean blankets and fresh water. I hope they leave a night light on so they don’t get scared.  My vet spends time on the phone talking to people about things like test results and if there is a cat or dog or maybe rabbits that aren’t doing well at home.

I wish I was home. I miss being home. Oh boy it’s time to go home! Yipee! Will it be time for dinner when we get home? I’m starving. I worked really hard. See everyone tomorrow!



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