Santa Claus is Comin' to Town...

And he’s bringing presents!  As you are wrapping presents be careful to keep the string and ribbons away from your pets.  This includes not putting gifts out too soon.  Keep them hidden away in a closet until it’s time to open them. As gifts are being open, be diligent in cleaning up wrapping paper and ribbons. Designate one person with a trash bag as the wrapping paper collector.  Or, give each person their own bag to collect paper in.

And he’s coming to party! Are you having holiday guests?  If you are, make sure your pets have a safe, quiet place to get away.  For dogs this may be a kennel, or room upstairs away from the festivities.  For cats they may want to watch festivities from a high perch, like a climbing post.  If your pets love visitors and plan to join the party, keep food up on a high counter or table so they can’t get into it.  Make sure your guests know where the garbage cans are so that food plates are not left lying around.

...And a Happy New Year

All the same tips apply to New Year’s Eve parties too! The loud noises of the countdowns, confetti poppers, and whistles can be frightening for your pets. It may be best to have your pet away from the festivities as it gets closer to midnight.  Even if you are having a quiet evening at home, your neighbors may get loud at midnight, so make sure your pets are inside where they feel safe and secure.

The doctors and staff of the Boght and Oakwood Veterinary Clinics wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. If you haven’t already please check out our other posts on pet safety.



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