Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree...

We all love our Christmas trees.  They look so pretty, with their twinkling lights and shiny ornaments.  But, there are a few things to be aware of if you are putting up a tree with pets in the house.

If you have a live tree, make sure your pets aren’t getting into the water.  Because Christmas tree water is stagnant, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.  Dogs and cats can get sick if they drink this water.  It is a good idea to keep the water basin covered with a tree skirt.  You can get long funnels made specifically for watering Christmas trees.  Place that in the basin, and tie the skirt around it.  Then you can water your tree easily and keep your pets healthy.

Also, be diligent in cleaning up any fallen pine needles.  Those needles can cause upset tummies, and even puncture intestines!  Be sure to sweep or vacuum regularly to keep those needles off the floor and away from pets.

Even if you have an artificial tree, there is a risk that your pet will tip the tree over.  There are a few things you can do to prevent this.  They make heavy duty Christmas tree stands with wide bases, which would make it difficult for the tree to tip.

You can also use free-standing baby gates around the tree. This way your pet can admire the tree from afar. There are also ways to anchor your tree to the wall or ceiling. This will save your pet from the danger of a falling tree and you from the annoyance of having to clean up a fallen tree.  Many people also suggest leaving your tree up and undecorated for a few days to let your pets get used to it.

Watch for a blog post regarding pet safety and decorations later this week.



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