Yes, we do occasionally let them out of the office!

As part of our ongoing effort to support staff well being, Dr. Brandilyn Wagoner and our management staff have been organizing bimonthly trips to different locations.

This past August, 49 employees, family, and friends spent the day at the Bronx Zoo. It’s was just starting to rain when we arrived but that didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm! In groups of 2s and 3s everyone went their own way to check out their own favorites. There was Tiger Mountain and the World of Birds. We traveled the Wild Asia Monorail and watched young baboons frolic in their Reserve Some went straight to the Carter giraffe building, some to the Congo Gorilla Forest. Bug Carousel? Mouse House? Butterfly garden? Monkeys of Madagascar!? Rhinos at the Zoo Center? There was a lot to see and something for everyone to experience.

Run by the Wildlife Conservation Society (, the zoo trip was an education of sorts and reinforced for all of us on the trip that saving wildlife and wild places is part of our mission as animal lovers.




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