Bark RaffleThe clinics are once again joining the Tri-City Valley Cats at the “Joe” on Monday July 7th  at 7pm for “Bark in the Bark”: an annual event for area baseball fans and their four legged friends.  Starting this week each clinic will be raffling off four tickets and a doggie basket full of summertime baseball goodies for you and your pet.  No purchase is necessary, just stop in for flea meds and fill out a ticket. Come in with ’Spot’ for his Rabies shot and enter  to win.  Bring ’Chloe’ in to be spayed and stick an entry in the box!
During the event be sure to visit our booth where you can meet the staff, have the chance for more give-a-ways and, of course, enjoy the ball game.

The Valley Cats will be taking on the Connecticut Tigers.  If last year is any indication, the dogs will outnumber their “feline” counterparts on the field.
It promises to be a fun night for everyone involved and we hope to see you there!




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